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Synthetic Tee Lines

In the Midwest, with our climate being more susceptible to inclement weather than most regions, our synthetic turf tee line turf is being used on all types driving ranges. Our synthetic tee line turf in not just for the high-end private courses anymore, many public courses are shifting away from the traditional mats and opting to go with a synthetic tee line. One of the many benefits of having a synthetic turf tee line is it allows your natural grass tee line the crucial time it needs to recover. As a golf facility owner or operator you know the difficulties that come with keeping your natural tee line pristine. If you are looking for a permanent, but temporary relief for your grass tee line, our turf will do just that. While we do not promote our turf as a tee friendly turf, it’s a bonus that will please even the most avid golfer.

  •  High-end private courses
  •  Public courses
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