Playground Turf

Southwest Greens designs and installs soft synthetic turf that can be used in numerous child-based locations, such as playgrounds, parks and residential backyards.

Our high quality artificial lawns are able to withstand high levels of foot traffic as well as extreme weather conditions, and our sand infill systems supply a durable surface that children can play on to their heart’s content. Parents all over the nation will also feel much happier, since their children’s clothes won’t become muddy or grass-stained any longer!

Critical fall zones are no problem thanks to our patented Brock base shock impact-absorption system. Our man-made turf is ASTM 1292 compliant for all synthetic playground turf HIC testing, and also meets or exceeds 5′ or 10′ critical fall zone requirements. In addition, SWG’s professionally trained specialists follow a proven installation method to meet HIC specifications. Consequently, our synthetic playground turf is guaranteed to be child-friendly as well as parent-approved! Serving clients throughout Kentucky, Southwest Greens provides first-rate synthetic grass products for homeowners and businesses located in Louisville, Richmond, Florence, Lexington and Elizabethtown.

  • Our synthetic grass prevents dogs from tracking dirt or mud into the house
  • No brown spots from urine
  • Our artificial landscaping turf prevents digging and ugly holes in your yard
  • No fleas, ticks or other pests to make your pet’s life miserable
  • Supreme odor control
  • Our backing system is made with Duraflo Technology to allow superior flow-through for pet urine
  • Easy to clean up after your dog
  • Stays cool during warmer weather
  • Artificial lawns are free of the harmful fertilizers and chemicals often applied to natural grass
  • Our Envirofill infill sand will not retain moisture since it is ceramic and nonporous