Pet turf installations from Southwest Greens of Kentucky

For parents everywhere, there is nothing better than watching your children cheerily playing outside on a beautiful summer's day with their pets. With a Southwest Greens synthetic grass installation, your lawn won't require insecticides, pesticides or weed killer products anymore, this means that these chemicals thankfully won't come into contact with your loved ones. This will provide you with peace of mind whenever your kids and their furry friends are playing outside on a long-lasting, lush faux lawn for years to come. Pet Turf3_1.JPG
Parschauer_dog_Relaxing_1_.jpg SWG is proud to provide a 100% recyclable, lead-free polyethylene blend of long-bladed, forever jade grass fibers that will offer a hardwearing surface against large amounts of foot traffic. Serving clients throughout Kentucky, we supply first-class synthetic grass pet lawns to residents living in numerous locations, including:
  • Elizabethtown
  • Lexington
  • Louisville
  • Florence
  • Richmond

Our superlative pet turf is tailor-made to simulate the realistic look, feel and performance of natural grass. Every SWG product is continuously designed and tested to offer the highest levels of resilience. As a result, the days of your pets digging up your garden or your kids inadvertently tracking mud into the house are long gone thanks to our synthetic lawn installations.



With an artificial grass pet run from Southwest Greens of Kentucky, we can install our synthetic turf in areas of different shapes and sizes. Our skilled team of installation experts can design and create the perfect pet run for your delightful doggy or cute kitty, and we also manufacture backyard lawn turf that will look immaculate and healthy year-round. Even during the warmest summer months, our man-made grass will not fade or become thin and yellow due to the extreme heat. We are confident that our line of premium backyard pet turf products are just what you and your pet have been waiting for, so please contact us today to see what we can do for you!